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Audio Engineer

Gary is a native St. Louisan who now resides in L. A. (Lower Arnold).  His 22-year association with Sundance & Brass is his most recent musical collaboration in a stellar, "Who's Who" list of musicians.

A musician from the start, Gary parlayed his passion for playing into the production side of the business, where he excelled as both a live mix engineer and studio engineer. He's traveled the country, working with a variety of bands and entertainers, including: Badfinger, Ike Turner, comedian Louie Anderson, and The Groundlings Comedy Troupe.

In addition to a 10-year stint at Maritz Communications, where he handled audio presentations for a number of Fortune 500 companies, Gary has worked on promotional packages for MTV Networks. He also engineered records and toured with a number of local bands  -- most notably, The Urge.

Gary not only wears the Sound Engineer hat for Sundance & Brass, but is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the band's website.

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